Founded over 25 years ago, SHL is the world leader in objective assessment in the workplace. SHL delivers real competitive edge to clients through the realisation of their most important asset - their people.

SHL can help clients by: reducing the risks of recruitment; minimising the costs of selection; recognising the potential in people; reducing staff turnover; improving productivity; managing effective performance; effecting transition programmes, and control succession planning.

This is achieved by providing the best assessment products and tools, and by supporting their use through expert consultancy and training.

SHL is the world leader in the science of psychometrics in the workplace. SHL's products have become industry standards. The products and services meet real commercial needs and deliver tangible value, and the latest technology is used to deliver them.

SHL employs over 250 psychologists, including leading industry figures, and over 15,500 clients have benefitted from SHL tools and techniques, training and consultancy services. SHL operates in over 50 countries and in over 30 languages.

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