Career Planning

HR Indexx can help people considering a career change, or making a first time career choice. We are expert career change and career design professionals. If you are seeking a career that fits your talents and ambitions, we can help.

Choosing a new career

HR Indexx can help you choose a new career. Our career change clients range from executives, professionals and technologists to people returning to the workforce, those seeking careers where they can make a positive difference, and people who have had what they describe as jobs, not careers.

Training & Development

Career Planning Methodology

We have an extraordinary reputation for effectiveness, working one-on-one with you by phone or in-person. If you are seeking a career that fits your talents, personality, passions, interests and dreams, we will do our best to help you get to your goal.

Career Design

We do not just try to find jobs for people. We design careers. We will look at your strengths and weaknesses. We will consider your talents and attributes. We will talk to you about your goals and dreams. We will find out what makes you tick. We may have to give you some home truths, if we feel that you have set your sights too high. And we may recommend training and personnel development, to enable you to realise your full potential.