Customer Services

At HRIndexx, we can help to develop clear customer service standards. These form the foundation both for making improvements in customer service, and for customer service focused training and development activities.

Working effectively with customers demands more than customer care. Today's customers expect to deal with real professionals.

Training & Development

HR Indexx's customer service methodology

As customer service professionals, HR Indexx makes the difference for the customer
in terms of:

Actions - These can turn new or unhappy customers into loyal ambassadors for an organisation;

Skills - The skills and knowledge which can provide customers with exactly what they are looking for.

At HR Indexx, we believe that good customer service is all about you - your skills, your knowledge, your attitude, your team working and your communications.

We help to develop, in consultation with you, a specific set of Customer Service Standards, mapped to the UK's national occupational standards for customer service. These standards form the foundation for making improvements in customer service, and for planning customer service-focused training and development activities within your organisation.

At HR Indexx, we try to ensure that customer service enhances your organisation's reputation in order for you to give added service value. We understand the significance of a customer service strategy for an organisation and the importance of its successful implementation.