Outsourcing makes economic sense and allows organisations to focus their time and resources on their core activity.

HR Indexx offers outsourcing services whereby organisations of any size contract us to provide services that would otherwise be carried out by permanent employees.

What kind of work can be outsourced?

Usually the function being outsourced is considered non-core to the organisation's main activity. This allows the organisation's staff to focus on the main business of the outsourcing organization.

Traditionally, organisations outsource service-related support functions - such as payroll, invoicing, accounting, data entry, customer enquiries and records management. Even in large companies such processes can often be carried out more efficiently - and more cost effectively - by companies with specialised tools, facilities and systems, and with trained personnel.

HR Indexx's outsourcing services allows companies to provide this work through us for considerably less money and fewer overhead expenses. Quite simply, outsourcing can both reduce your costs and improve your business efficiency.

If you feel that your organisation might benefit by outsourcing, please contact us for a professional, confidential and obligation-free discussion. We should be pleased to take a look at your processes and advise if outsourcing might be of benefit, or not.