What you will gain by outsourcing to HR Indexx

The main advantages to clients of HR Indexx's outsourcing services include:

  • Significantly reduced overhead expenses since the client pays the outsourcing company a contracted amount and is not responsible for personnel expenses such as payroll taxes, employee benefits and workers' compensation insurance;
  • Time otherwise spent managing support staff can be concentrated on the organisation's core business;
  • Significant reduction and control of operational and overhead costs;
  • Replacement staff will be available from our pool to cover for people absent on casual leave, annual leave, illness and other forms of absence;
  • HR Indexx provides on-going training and skills development for staff to ensure their job functions are carried out in a professional manner.
  • Advanced technologies that have improved the quality of service that can be realised through outsourcing;
  • HR Indexx's expertise in human resource management and solutions;
  • HR Indexx's experience in the recruitment and training of outsourced staff;
  • HR Indexx's reputation as a provider of reliable and quality services;