At HR Indexx we have access to some of the most talented, motivated, educated and professional individuals in Nigeria, across Africa and around the world.

When asked to recruit on your behalf, our first task is to gain a complete understanding of your organisation's needs.

Training & Development

We will listen, we will ask questions, and we may also suggest an alternative approach, based on our experience and expertise. For example, are you sure you really need a permanent employee, or do you have a shorter-term requirement that may be better met through contracting an interim manager?

Once we have agreed the exact criteria with you, we will recruit the perfect candidate - someone whose skills, experience and credentials match your needs. This may be a local person. Or it could an "internationally mobile" person with expertise in specific areas. The person could be joining on a permanent basis, or on a contract basis for between 6 months and 3 years.

We treat all of our clients as individuals. There is no "template" that can be used to find the right person to meet your needs. At HR Indexx, we will always tailor an exact fit. We are experienced, we work quickly - and we get the right person for the job.

HR Indexx has a team of dedicated recruitment professionals available to offer you, our valued clients, a personal, professional and friendly service. We are competitive and we provide cost effective solutions to suit your staffing needs.

Alternatives to recruiting permanent staff

When we carry out an assessment of your staffing needs, we may suggest alternatives to recruitment of permanent staff:

  • Is your staffing need full-time? It may only be necessary to employ someone on a part-time basis.
  • Could you meet the need by training current staff? It might be more cost-effective to redeploy and retrain a current member of your team than to employ somebody new.
  • Is the need temporary, or is it a one-off assignment? If the work is linked to a project, for example, it might be more cost-effective for you to take on a consultant on a fixed-term contract.
  • Is the need unexpected or short-term? Interim managers and executives can be the ideal solution to problems caused by, for example, the sudden departure of a member of the team, or by absence through illness, or to fill a gap while someone is on maternity leave.
  • How quickly do you need someone? If you need someone urgently, it may be more efficient to bring in an interim manager or executive, who can hit the ground running and keep your business moving, giving you time to recruit and train a long-term new employee.