Training & Development Courses - how they are planned
and structured

At HR Indexx we recognise and appreciate the investment you make in training and we deliver the highest quality service possible. Our training programmes take into account the competitive nature of businesses. We believe that through using our training programmes your staff will become more motivated and productive.

All details of the training programmes are approved by you in advance. Training materials will be prepared with your branding, to professional standards. Every person taking part in the course will be contacted with details of the programme.

HR Indexx also offers:

  • Full course notes and training manuals
  • Post-training workshops
  • Full feedback and reviews

What to expect when taking part in one of our training programmes:

While each course will be structured differently, and will be tailored to meet your exact needs, each is likely to have some or all of these features:

  • Participants are encouraged to complete exercises to test their understanding, stimulate their minds and encourage active participation in the sessions;
  • Questioning techniques are used by all trainers to discourage passive learning;
  • We ensure that participants learn to think for themselves so that they retain the information learned;
  • We carry out pre- and post-test evaluations for all participants, to assess how much an individual has achieved as a result of the programme;
  • We have training software available. It is easy to use, of the highest, state-of-the-art quality and enables your HR team to track the development of their employees in a clear way.

Assessing the value of the training

HR Indexx also has a generic non-technical assessment form for all the courses which aims to rate the following:

  • The quality of the training;
  • Whether it met your training requirements;
  • The presentation techniques, course notes, participation, length;
  • The most and least useful elements in the course;
  • The trainer's skills (e.g. management, timing, presentation, knowledge);
  • The training facilities (e.g. room, equipment, building, refreshments).

The excellence of HRIndexx's training and development courses is guaranteed by:

  • Ascertaining your needs, and then delivering them;
  • Listening to you, and being easy to do business with;
  • Seeking feedback from you and the people we train, and then valuing, acting upon and learning from this feedback;
  • Keeping you updated on progress;
  • Respecting and valuing our team members, and those of our partners, so that they respect and value you.
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